Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Too much?

When I was a little girl...all I can remember is wanting to grow up and be something incredible......I played piano, but that was not "cool" to me at the time. Now that I am 31 years old, I wish I would have stayed with it. Most of my friends played sports and my family was not really into that, so when I got into high school I dabbled a little, but nothing extraordinary. Kayla is interested in so many things right now, and I LOVE IT! I know one day she will pick something and excel, but for now she can do anything her heart desires! But when is it too much? The other day she asked about Ice Skating...Really?
Well, for now she is having so much fun and I am having too much fun watching her grow into the most confident, strong, free-willed lady I ever met!

xoxoxox MOM


Anna said...

So cute! Maybe we could all go ice scating at the Mills Mall one day. I know I'd fall on my ass a lot, but at least she could get a taste of what it's like!

Little T said...

I think it is so awesome that you encourage her to be an individual. Especially at a time when our society does nothing but encourage kids to get into a box and sit there for life. Good for you!

Watching The River Run said...

wow! You are a bloggin' fool lately! I personally think it's "too much" when mommy and daddy can't afford the extra-curiculars anymore, or they are too damn tired to go to "practices" everynight of the week! Until then, let it ride! It'll only get worse once you have two involved in sports, and once they get more and more friends doing so many different activities that they want to do too! I say enjoy it now!!