Friday, February 5, 2010

Caution: gross post ahead

Ok this all started with a bright idea to get "healthy".... if I was better at link-ups I would give you my recent posts.....but if you really care about me you will know! So Poor Pitiful Pearl, who I totally heart, BTW. gave me a recipe for a green juice and book: Raw Food Detox Diet. Ok, I have read the book and i sort of want it to be my bible.
I have been pooping like a machine because of this stuff. WOW the power of raw clean out fruits and veggies is amazing. It is a true cleanser....I have never seen this color or amount of shit coming out of my body. ever. b4. Holy pun there (swear) well I am going to stick with the plan for now.....;P

1 comment:

Poor Pitiful Pearl said...

yipppeee. isnt it the greatest book...? totally inspiring huh?right on girl... .go go go!