Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Night at the Ritz!

Every year my Husband's family is involved in this spectacular fundraiser event for ECH (Every Child's Hope). ECH started out as an orphanage in St. Louis that was named as the Evangelical Children's Home, and has evolved into an amazing organization that reaches out to youth in need in so many ways. Zach, his brother, and Dad have donated their efforts to creating something to showcase for the theme of the event. This year Tiffany's Jewelry sponsored the event, along with multiple others, to create a truly magical night at the Ritz Carlton in Clayton, MO.
The boys made the big blue boxes (which Tiffany's wanted) and the letters HOPE (very sparkly)
You could purchase a box for $100 and all proceeds benefit ECH....there was a pair of Tiffany's earings in one and a necklace in another. The rest had a really pretty paper weight (which i won)
These are the Tiffany Blue Martini's that made me look like this:

Very Happy and In LOVE!

Get a little Sea Sick....

This is my first attempt to upload a video from our vacation in Florida. Sort of hard to hold the camera still on a boat, but this is our last day in the sun takin' a ride to Bert's Bar for some lunch. Everyone loves to ride on Pa Pa's boat!

Thinking about Mother's Day & PPP!

Most importantly I want to spend my Day with all these wonderful ladies:Kayla with my Mom

Paige with Zach's Mom

My Grandma Arlene (my Mom's Mom)

My Grandma Clem (my Dad's Mom)
I should not forget all the Mother's that we love that are up in heaven smiling down on us♥ I am one lucky girl to have this many inspirational women in my life:)

Also, by chance I would really like a pair of Poor Pitiful Pearl's new flip flop socks. They are the cutest thing EVER!!!

This burnout T shirt is pretty darn cute too. Just goes with the theme!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pixel Perfect Blog Hop (on vacation)

Here is another installment of the Pixel Perfect blog hop just in the Nik of time!


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Senior Citizens, Lobsters, & Mustaches

My Dad turned 55 yesterday and he is officially a Senior Citizen! He is the coolest Dad is the world and this trip to Florida is so special because we get to spend it with my family:) To celebrate, we cooked gigantic lobster tails and had a little party at the house. When I figure out the video stuff, I have the cutest videos the girls dancing with Pop (my Mom's Dad). This is a look into our little Lobster Party:

This last picture needs a little explaining. Whitney and I want to get new tattoos and we want a mustache on the inside of our finger so we can always flash our mustaches at people, very funny to us, not funny to my husband. This last picture is 4 generations of Team Mustache!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

We are having a pretty GOOD tImE!!!

Florida is GREAT! We are only on day 2 right now and this is Spring Break 2010! I have taken lots of videos and pictures..... I think I may need to wait until we get home to post the video (new to this) but I have some great footage of the week and we just got here. We are all having a blast! I will be uploading my pics to facebook and I am sure to blog more pictures this week. Tomorrow is Dad's Birthday. He was born in 55, turns 55! That's a senior citizen, YES. We are doing lots of teasing...........

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Off to the Beach!

We will be heading to the beach this weekend in sunny Ft. Myers, FL! I can not wait to be there and see the girls playing on the white sandy beaches. The smell of salty air, raw oysters on the half shell and ice cold beer! What more could a girl ask for?
This is Kayla in 2007 playing in the sand.
Here are my two little swim babies♥

And this beauty is the new HD video camera that I will be taking on the trip!

More to come.........

Sunday, March 7, 2010

She is so pretty!

This is Kayla when she is not feeling well. She has a fever and a cough and still this pretty! Really?!?! She does take after her Mommy....hee hee:)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Planting Some Herbs & Blonde Ambition

So at the Home Show Mommy got to pick up a Vertical Garden!!!!! Kayla helped me plant a tiny little herb garden. I can't wait to do my "Julia Child" omlettes and add some fresh basil. (*note: when I mention "Julia Child" I tend to talk in that super cool voice for a good 10-12 words) I also posted a little pic of me with the new do! Kayla took the picture and I am not great at the self portrait thing. Here you go.

Funny picture, but you can see the new do:D