Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Night at the Ritz!

Every year my Husband's family is involved in this spectacular fundraiser event for ECH (Every Child's Hope). ECH started out as an orphanage in St. Louis that was named as the Evangelical Children's Home, and has evolved into an amazing organization that reaches out to youth in need in so many ways. Zach, his brother, and Dad have donated their efforts to creating something to showcase for the theme of the event. This year Tiffany's Jewelry sponsored the event, along with multiple others, to create a truly magical night at the Ritz Carlton in Clayton, MO.
The boys made the big blue boxes (which Tiffany's wanted) and the letters HOPE (very sparkly)
You could purchase a box for $100 and all proceeds benefit ECH....there was a pair of Tiffany's earings in one and a necklace in another. The rest had a really pretty paper weight (which i won)
These are the Tiffany Blue Martini's that made me look like this:

Very Happy and In LOVE!

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Anna said...

It looks like you guys had fun! Did you take a picture of the whole dress? The pink is so pretty!