Thursday, March 4, 2010

Planting Some Herbs & Blonde Ambition

So at the Home Show Mommy got to pick up a Vertical Garden!!!!! Kayla helped me plant a tiny little herb garden. I can't wait to do my "Julia Child" omlettes and add some fresh basil. (*note: when I mention "Julia Child" I tend to talk in that super cool voice for a good 10-12 words) I also posted a little pic of me with the new do! Kayla took the picture and I am not great at the self portrait thing. Here you go.

Funny picture, but you can see the new do:D


Little T said...

Love the hair. I tried an herb garden last year and they were doing fantastic. I didn't seed them so they all died. I am thinking I will try again.

Violet Bella said...

hey girl, thank you so much for ordering that shirt and headband! i knew that name was so familiar and i couldnt pin down exactly why! yay, i am so excited it is you! cant wait to see the shirt!


Violet Bella said...
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Lushe said...

Cool hair.