Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Thinking about Mother's Day & PPP!

Most importantly I want to spend my Day with all these wonderful ladies:Kayla with my Mom

Paige with Zach's Mom

My Grandma Arlene (my Mom's Mom)

My Grandma Clem (my Dad's Mom)
I should not forget all the Mother's that we love that are up in heaven smiling down on us♥ I am one lucky girl to have this many inspirational women in my life:)

Also, by chance I would really like a pair of Poor Pitiful Pearl's new flip flop socks. They are the cutest thing EVER!!!

This burnout T shirt is pretty darn cute too. Just goes with the theme!

1 comment:

Anna said...

Those socks are so rad! We could make those super easily too :)
Is Grandma Arlene taking a shot and drinking a beer? That's my kind of Grandma!