Friday, February 5, 2010


I have been so busy lately with life in general. Every night of the week is filled up with running here and there. This week we finally refinanced our house, and I got the taxes done! Whew, crazy week. I still somehow managed to take a little time to myself last night and get crafty. I have been so inspired recently by a few bloggers who craft anything from baby blankets to extravagant dresses made out of up cycled vintage clothing. I always love something handmade and I typically buy most of my handmade clothing. I really like to buy new handmade clothing to wear to concerts, bit of a bad habit I think;) Well, Saturday night we are going with a fun group of friends to see Gov't Mule and the Pageant, and I have been itching to buy something. A dear friend of mine just returned my sewing machine, and I decided I would make something to wear Saturday night!!!

I totally up cycled the cutest pair of jeans! They turned out amazing and I can't wait to wear them. It was a bit of a challenge, but I completed the entire project in about 5 hours and did not stop until I was done. I knew that if I laid it down there was slim to no chance of finishing the pants by Saturday. I did put down a bottle of wine while crafting, and that can lead to lots of upside down and inside out seam ripping, but the final product still turned out adorable. I even hand sewed a few embellishments on at the end to finish the look. I am very proud of myself for starting and finishing all in one night, and I can't wait to wear them Saturday. Made by ME!


Little T said...

Ummmm, photos?

Flat Foot Floozy said...

I know, I know...miss photo and I did not snap a single pic last night at ohhhh.. 1AM? I will have to take some modeling pics tomorrow for sure and get them posted.

Watching The River Run said...

Pretty sweet! Wish we could've worked on those preggo jeans last weekend, I'm pretty sure I'm about to outgrow them, they are more of a transitional pair, so it's no biggie...can't wait to see your pics!