Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hello Kitty

The girls both had to visit the pediatrician this week. Kayla is getting ready to start Kindergarten this summer and she needs to be updated on her State required vaccinations that I have been able to avoid until now. Bummer. Paige also got two shots. FUN! Paige was typical.....screaming as soon as her doctor touched her. I really don't even think she noticed the shots because she was so upset about the rest. She is 22lb (40%) and 75% on height. Healthy as could be. Kayla was sooooo brave. She did not cry at all. Her lips did curl down into a little frown right before the shot, but she was such a big girl about it. I told her we could go shopping and get her some clothes to take to Florida in a couple weeks. We have been at odds about what she wants to where lately and I thought it would be best to let her have some say in the clothes she chose. So the end result you will see below. Probably not what I would have picked, but she did look cute and all four things only cost $35 at Macy's plus each thing she picked mixes and matches. I do like that, whether I am ready for her Independence or not:) The handmade hat she is wearing was given to her by a friend. I had to throw in a picture of Paige from today with her static hair, she needs a haircut.

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