Thursday, September 24, 2009

If I Could Pay Mr. Fettig in BJs.....I would..

I am a loyal follower of "tons" of blogs.....1: of my favorites

So as some of my close friends know, I have always dreamed.....(umpa, umpa, umpa-di doo) of having dreadie,dreadi, dread locks, So being the soul rebel I am......A GIANT FACE SLAP HAS BEEN STOWED UPON ME by my uber vanilla hubby(who I love and kiss on the lips every DAY). I do love him so, but this is one of those things that I sort of NEED to do and only because he is worried about the connotation that goes along... I am forced (once in my life...or twice) to conform to "dreams of Dreads"..i should totally write a book, which pretty much blows. It blows so bad that I am willing to (insert evil laugh here) blow him...someone should start a petition, seriously!



Laura said...

Thats poopy zach won't let you have dreads. Joe probably wouldn't let me either... silly boys.

Little T said...

You girls have seen my nappy curls. This past weekend I had a very good start to dreads while camping. Dan was a big no on that as well. He said it's dirty. Whatevs! Silly boys.