Friday, August 7, 2009

Colorado Trip

The entire Fettig family just spent the last week in Colorado attending a Beer & Bluegrass festival in Keystone! It was quite the trip indeed. I was a little stressed about a 15 hour car ride with the girls, but I have to say they were both about as perfect as could be in the car. Kayla entertained herself with toys and talking and Paige pretty much watched her sister. That was all she needed to stay happy. Thank the Lord! We arrived in Denver late on Thursday evening and Grandma and Grandpa were gracious enough to watch the girls in the hotel room while we went to a bar to visit our good friend Zummy:We got the chance to meet his girlfriend Melissa and she was super sweet and we had a great time. We wished they could meet us in Keystone on Saturday, but they went out of town for a wedding and could not make it. Maybe another year:( We met up with the rest of the Fettig Clan: Jeremy, Jackie, Dylan, Steph, Mark, Jack, and Sammy on Friday morning and headed into Keystone, this was the view from our condo deck:
Just stunning. We settled in and started to party. The next day we headed out to breakfast with the family and then to the Beer and Bluegrass Festival which was so much FUN!!!!! For $30 they give you a 3oz. tasting glass and there are about 50 different Colorado breweries that set up tents and pour at free will!! YUM! I found lots of new beers that I love and some that I do not Love:( The kids loved the trip and the music certainly kept them entertained:

Paige and Kayla were so good all weekend and Paige got carried around in her little backpack that Anrazel and N from bought for Kayla when she was just a wee little sprite! She was so darn happy in that thing.

Now here comes the know we could not have an entire family vacation without some form of drama, and ohhh did we ever. Late Sunday night all the kids go to bed and Kayla with her sweet little smile gets a kiss goodnight from Daddy:
Then about 6am the next morning she awakes to projectile vomiting all over the top bunk bed she was sleeping in. Now I must preface this part with the fact that Paige was vomiting up like a real person on Wednesday morning before we left STL and Steph (Zach's sister) was sick as a dog for the 1st two days of CO, laying in bed and poopin and pukin'. THen both Dylan and Paige got the runs in the diapers for about two days..... I mean up the back and out the sides business. GROSS, sorry for the gorey details:) SO poor little Kayla got the flu and vomited about 14 times on Sunday. SHe was such a trooper, every time she would tell me ahead of time and do her best to stay a party girl and puke when necessary. I was so scared for her. She did not go to the bathroom for over 24 hours and when I called the doctor they told me by Monday morning if she had not urinated to take her to an emergency room. Now I am crying at this point. My normally spunky little girl was bound to the stroller and did not even have the energy to walk. Needless to say, no pictures were taken on Sunday which was going to be the family shot, oh well. So Monday we were starting to trek home and Kayla was feeling better. She did vomit all over me in bed (covered my entire hair, pillow, and wall), then Daddy wakes up vomiting. So all the way to "almost" Topeka, KS we had one kid screaming of boredom, one shitting her pants cause she finally ate real food and could not control her bowel, and one Dad stopping every 30 min on the side of the road to vomit. SUPER!!! This is officially a true, memorable family vacation. We all made it home, and thank GOD I have all the great photos from the beginning of the trip. I am so happy to be home, let's put it that way:)


Anrazel said...

Oh, man! What a puketastic week! I'm sorry everyone was so sick. It sounds like you escaped as the only one who steered clear of whatever was going around. I had a little 24 hour something last Monday...Something must have been going around.
I'm so glad to see that Paige loves the carrier too! Glad you are back and see you tomorrow!

Laura said...

Wow what a bummer way to end a great vacation! I hope everyone is doing much better and atleast the first part of the trip was amazing. The view from your condo was amazing!

Anonymous said...

eww, that's a hard time... hope things are better now!

Little T said...

What an amazing view? Sorry to hear about the pukes but it sounds like you made the most of it!