Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Corporate Naps

I will start by saying, my Mother's Day was wonderful. I got to see all the Mothers in my life, and enjoyed my daughters to the fullest. Though it is hard to complain about life, I am so damn busy!

Let me just mention yesterday for example; Wake up feed children, go to work until about 4pm, Nuclear Medicine Meeting from 4-6pm, ride Metro home, start laundry, go for run, plant more flowers in yard (thanks to Aunt Tonya for the Mother's Day gift of plants), feed Paige, more laundry, make dinner (mind you, it is almost 8:45 at this point), eat, put kids to bed, enjoy a few glasses of wine, clean up laundry and kitchen, BED. I don't think my head hit the pillow until 11:45pm and the only time I really sat down was to eat and digest, UGG. Sadly this is about the most relaxing night of the week I get.

I have always been a really busy person. We are rarely ever home during the week, which is why the nights at home become mass chaos for me. I find myself having a much harder time coping with the business when I have 2 kids, and nice weather sometimes fuels the Craz. I get to work and have a hard time focusing due to exhaustion. Which finaly brings me to my point here, I think we need corporate naps: http://www.portfolio.com/executives/features/2007/09/19/Napping-Centers-for-Executives THese people have the right idea. This would help not only the working mother, but everyone who has a busy life and can't find the time to sit still during the day. Even if I had the chance to go home in the middle of the day, or early in the afternoon..........like I'm going to be able to lay down and rest, RIGHT!