Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

So here is the view I get from my couch when I am watching TV. I love this. I am so excited about having our decorations up so early this year! Christmas is so special this year with the girls being older. Especially Kayla, she is so excited about the holiday. She thought Thanksgiving was going to be Christmas this year. She woke up really early and comes in our room Thursday morning.......(whispers)"Mom....can we wake up Paige? She will be so excited about today" I reply, "NO...DO NOT WAKE YOUR SISTER UP!!!!!". Kayla: "ok Mom". So she goes and lays in front of Paige's bedroom door and waits. I fall asleep until I hear her....."Kayla. Are you kicking the wall?"
She is so cute, I see her laying there and she thinks we are going to run out to get lots of presents. I had to take a moment to explain that this is only Thanksgiving where we see our family and eat lots of turkey. This is something we are thankful for. I think she was a little disappointed, but when I told her we would see her cousins she perked right up.
This weekend is our annual trip to Chicago for what we call Thanksmas..stay tuned for a blog:)
Happy Holiday's Everyone!


Kelli said...

Love it so much Nik! Can't wait to sell this stupid Condo and decorate to the hills. Your living room is gorgeous and Kayla is precious!!

Anrazel said...

What a beautiful view! Kayla is too funny! Just think what she will be like when on the real Christmas morning!

Little T said...

The glow of the Christmas tree is one of my favorite things about the season. Beautiful work!